CATE MARVIN                                      POET
2015, W. W. Norton & Company
The speakers of Oracle occupy the outer-borough cityscape of New York’s Staten Island, where they move through worlds glittering with refuse and peopled by ghosts—of a dead lover, of a friend lost to suicide, of a dog with glistening eyes. Marvin’s haunting, passionate poems explore themes of loss, of the vulnerability of womanhood in a world hostile to it, and of the fraught, strangely compelling landscape of adolescence.

“These are poems of feeling, memory and calamity, of a life lived near the edge and an edge that nevertheless always resolves itself into a haunting ethical music.This is a wonderful collection of poems. It makes a powerful claim on the reader at every turn, on every page.”

             — Eavan Boland
2007, Sarabande Books
Cate Marvin’s new poems, their wrought music, unblinking focus, and hard-edged sensuality, are wreathed with an entirely different silence than her first collection. The brokenness and loss of the fragmented queen—seeming to rise up through centuries—is their tutelary spirit.​

“In her second collection (after the award-winning World’s Tallest Disaster), Marvin uses fresh language as she tackles familiar but provoking questions of love, selfhood, and how one really lives in the world.”

            —Library Journal
2001, Sarabande Books
Violently passionate and firmly symmetrical, like tango or the blues, these poems-at first-are about sexual passion. . . . But in the great tradition of love poetry, these poems don't stop with love. They move from eros to imagination. Or they thrash between the two. . . . This is an encouraging book in the context of American poetry's fashions or factions, because it evades categories. [Marvin's] is an urgent as well as an artful voice.

            —from the Foreword by Robert Pinsky
2006, Sarabande Books
This groundbreaking anthology offers a broad and representative introduction to some of the most exciting, fresh voices on the contemporary poetry landscape by gathering together generous selections from the work of 85 younger American poets.